Stage One
What Happens In a Session
A session takes shape from the minute I am in contact with the horse.
The first thing that happens is I pick up on the horse's energy & vitals
Immune system
Lyphatic system
Digestive system
I give all these a score system out of 10, 10 been high
So for example if I get a horse's liver energy is on 4 out of 10, this starts to paint a picture that the horse's liver is not functioning as it should.
Also I assess the horses pain levels in various parts of the body, including head, shoulders, joints and feet. Which can be the main factor when behaviour is an issue.
Finally I tune into the horse's emotions to find out how he feels about past and present situations.
Once I have established these energies, in other words the strength of them, low or high I can then look to the causes and then the solutions, of which there are many.
I can achieve this work two ways, firstly to come out to the horse and work with him, my costs are on the contact page.
The second way when perhaps the travelling is too far, or in another country (I treat horses all over the world) is by the use of a photo of the horse and a small amount of mane or tail hair. I can pick up the energy of the animal in exactly the same way. Details on contact page.
So distance is no object!
Once this stage one has been established I am then able to move on to stage 2 & 3

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